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Tim Allard is a systems engineer and manager by day, and a writer by night. Attempting for many years to write and publish his own music, Tim finally accepted that he's not a musician, and turned his focus toward writing a book. Using his experiences in the corporate world of engineering as material, the result was Live and Let Work, which was published in July 2022. Always looking for a better way, Tim has spent the better part of the last fifteen years improving engineering processes and helping teams become more effective and efficient. He has a lot more to say on the subject and plans to write a follow-up to Live and Let Work someday. If he can find the time, he'd also like to publish some fiction and/or poetry, drawing from his lyric-writing days. When not working or writing, Tim enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, and having adventures in any form they can be found.

Live and Let Work: A Guide to Enjoy Your Corporate Job

by Tim Allard

It’s a typical workday.

Your calendar is overloaded with meetings. Your inbox is filled with unread junk. You hear the ringing of buzzwords and corporate jargon in your head.

Your job might be rewarding, and you might even enjoy your day, if not for these annoyances.Isn’t this just 'normal’ for a corporate career?

Does it have to be this way?

No.There is a better approach to work.
Live and Let Work is a new mindset for the corporate employee. It looks at all of the little things that we take for granted in the work environment - email, meetings, presentations, jargon, goals, and more - and frames them with a new perspective. A perspective that says we need to spend less time on these things. A perspective that says we don't have to waste our lives being bored and overworked.

This book is a guide for those that feel their days are becoming a little too much like a Dilbert comic strip. It is for those who love what they do but can't find the time to do it right. It is a call to action: Remove the obstacles from the corporate environment and replace them with the things that allow you to gain control and be effective. Make room to be yourself. This ends up being a win for both the employee and for the corporation.

Life is too short to spend every day in boring meetings. Don't burn out! Clear your calendar and start mastering your corporate job by learning to Live and Let Work.

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