Lata Koundal

Lata Koundal hails from India, has interest in various fields. She holds an MBA after getting Bachelors in Life Sciences. She participated in NASA's "Robotic Arm Architecture Challenge" in 2016 & earned Five Star Ratings from them which was booster for her to reach new heights as in the same year she won challenges in other fields too & got honored from Harvard University for being a winner. Recently among the Finalists for NASA USSOCOM Cubesat Challenge. Continuing her journey & keeping up the momentum, she published her first book "See! You’ve a Magic Wand! (Innovative Tools for Entrepreneurs)" in which she poured the wisdom earned through out, presenting necessary configuration for success in leadership for budding & veteran entrepreneurs.

See! You’ve a Magic Wand: Innovative Tools for Entrepreneurs (See! You’ve a Magic Wand (Innovative Tools for Entrepreneurs) Book 1)

by Lata Koundal

Seeing the hectic schedule & reasonable demand of achieving more in less time, elements of entrepreneurial success is encapsulated in a book which will take less time to read. The book contains the practical & innovative set of tools. The specially designed leadership & training program will speed up the process of business success for budding & veteran entrepreneurs. You just need to read it with clean slated mind & visualize the success which no doubt you deserve! The book is about discovering "The never lost but hidden" in you. The hidden which is on being discovered not only will benefit you totally but will also affect your circumference effortlessly in a positive manner. What is that which differentiates between a leader & a successful leader who had learned to retain his success? You will be introduced to different tools to tackle the challenges which are usually faced in leadership like Conquering New Territory in Business, Team Building & Business Partnerships and Assertive & Commanding Presence. The book goes on unleashing the ways in developing necessary configuration for business success.

Kindle Price: $3.99


Category: Business & Money

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