John Sutherland

I was born in England during the second world war. As a child I spent all of my holidays in Herriot country under the exact conditions that James Herriot described so well. What he wrote about, was my life. Between holidays, I attended a Grammar School and got a superb education compared to today's standards. I began writing in earnest when I had been retired for some years, though I had been putting ideas for books together for the previous thirty years. To date I have brought about 25 books to print in all genres: Romance, non-fiction, Children, erotic, and published family biographies that my sister and brother-in-law wrote. I have about 50 novels lined up to work on next. I shall run out of time, before I run out of ideas. I work on from one to four books at any time, and constantly revise others. I have a blog on my author page;, on which the first six of my books only, are listed. There is a complete listing at amazon.

The Caroline

by John Sutherland

An attempted murder one dark night on the river disrupted the lives of two families and deeply affected the lives of two individuals from those same two families for the next five years. They had been forced to make choices that took them far apart before being serendipitously brought together once more. The would-be murderers, three of them, lost one of their own soon after that night from wounds he had received at the hands of their intended victim. Three years later, a second of them fortuitously became the victim of that same man they would have killed. The third and last one, attempting to recover the failing fortunes of the family in a poker game on the river, saw the means to cheat his opponent and at the same time to be rid of his sister who had unexpectedly shown up again. His first attempt on her life as they had travelled upriver had failed, and a second attempt would be difficult now that she expected it and now that she had a protector. He saw another way to be rid of her: in a poker game where he would wager her away. If only it could be that simple. He had no idea the trouble he would cause by that act. The unexpected outcome of that game brought two individuals closer together and eventually healed the initial disruption that had seen them torn apart five years earlier.

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Category: Romance

Perspectives on Science Issues and General Risks

by John Sutherland

Life is a sexually transmitted condition which is inevitably fatal! High Cancer death rates in an advanced society, are indicative of a healthy society! Really? It is not so much how you die, as when you die. What do you know about the scientific method? Can you rank your own risks in life? Do you even know what they are? Do you know what is likely to kill you? What do you know about 'the Good Old Days' and how they lived, or what they died of? Or even what they thought they died of? Do you know what their life-expectancy was, or why, and what yours is, and why? What do you know of cost/benefit analysis? Do you know what sustainable development means? What do you think of The Precautionary Principle? Or have you never thought about it? Would you recognize a logical fallacy if it bit you? If you had a billion dollars to spend to achieve the greatest possible good for society, where would you spend it? Did you know that it is not the responsibility of the media to tell the truth, but merely to report liars, accurately? Makes you think, doesn't it? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in this book. It will provoke you. It may even annoy you. But at the end of it, you will know a hell of a lot more than you do now.

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Category: Science & Math

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