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Chris Kelso is a writer, editor and illustrator from Scotland. His short fiction has been published across the UK, US and Canada, including - the Lovecraft ezine, Beatdom, Evergreen Review, SF Signal, Bizarro Central, Ginger Nuts of Horror, Verbicide and the Scottish Book Trust. Kelso has written 7 novellas, 3 novels, 2 collections of short fiction and edited 4 anthologies. "Someday people are going to be naming him as one of their own influences" - Interzone magazine

Unger House Radicals

by Chris Kelso

When aspiring and nihilistic film-maker Vincent Bittacker falls in love with mercurial serial-killer Brandon Swarthy they decide to embark upon a bloody journey to re-define cinema and create their own sub-culture - Ultra-Realism.

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Category: Humor & Entertainment; Literature & Fiction

The Black Dog Eats the City

by Chris Kelso

You just can’t win. You feel it before you see it, The Black Dog - the Cimmerian demon with baleful breath, diminishing the light wherever it tracks… …the size of a large calf, its footfalls are silent - the portents of death hidden behind caliginous evil. It squeezes into the soul. You know it because he scrunches your stomach into a tight paper-ball and forces it out through your anus. Then you’re a goner… You just can’t win. “Chris Kelso is a fun writer. He is a daring writer. He is an experimental writer -- but more importantly he is about to become an important writer. Read him with this book, so you can say you discovered shortly after Don Webb. I said it first, so I win.” —Don Webb, Overthrowing the Old Gods “Chris Kelso writes in a style of broken glass and razor blades, barbed wire and gasoline. Stitching together prose, poetry, drama, and graphic novel in a Frankenstein aesthetic, he creates a striking book whose surreal landscapes and situations bring to mind Ballard, Burroughs, and Dick. Just when you think Kelso has taken things as far as he can, he proves you wrong, setting off in a bold new direction, pushing you to keep pace with him. If there is such a thing as weird fiction, then this is it, with a capital "W."“ —John Langan, author of The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies “Someday soon people are going to be naming him as one of their own influences. He’s worth checking out.” —Jim Steel Interzone

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Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy; Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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