Charles Alworth


About the Author I’m a former ballroom dance instructor and accounting professor who’s finally seen the light. I’ve given up such frivolities and taken up writing about my favorite subjects: murder, revenge, divorce, and dance. I live in Austin with my imaginary friend, Cuddles.

Drink, Dance, Divorce (The Honkytonk Detectives Book 1)

by Charles Alworth

Someone’s framed womanizing dance instructor Waltz Charleston for his brother’s murder. He vows to avenge his brother and clear himself, but doesn’t know where to start. He hesitates to hire cheater-hating PI Hook ‘Em Harns. No way can she solve a homicide. She only does divorces. Worse, she may be doublecrossing him. Can he trust her? With the cops closing in, he has no choice. He’s broke and she’s the only PI in town who will work on credit. What readers say about this comic mystery: Wow! What a dance! Even if you’re in shape, you’ll be breathing hard by the end.

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Category: Humor & Entertainment; Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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