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Bridgette Ehly had a 15-year career as an award winning TV news journalist. Now her adventures are limitless as she writes about strange and wonderful things. Her imagination has run wild since she grew up in the thick woods of Indiana, a place where fallen trees are castles and winding streams lead to other planets. She graduated from Indiana University and worked as a reporter in Dallas and Boston and anchored news programs in Ohio and Texas. She lives near Louisville with her husband and two children. When they aren't experimenting in the kitchen, they ride horses and hike in the forest around their home.

Smiling Ghosts: A suspenseful adventure with dangerous extraterrestrials among us!

by Bridgette Ehly

Working-class girl, Miranda, suspects something is very strange about her elite new school. Things spiral into a nightmare when her obsession with old photographs puts her at odds with deceivers from another world. While conducting research, Miranda discovers a fake historic photo of a beautiful young woman. When she shows the photo to her friend, Leo, he says it’s a clue to the greatest lie ever told. He convinces her the world is not what it seems. Deceptive creatures control the school and most of the earth. After years of preparation, their deadly plan to destroy humanity is finally in motion. Can Miranda and Leo outsmart and outfight the intellectual beings that keep humans in the dark? Will Miranda finally learn Leo’s greatest secret?Miranda’s battle takes her through the streets of Chicago and into ancient, high-tech tunnels that hold a bizarre surprise at every turn. Miranda will not emerge until she confronts a terrifying monster who charms the darkest part of the human heart. For an amazing adventure of love and courage (with a villain you'll love to hate) buy Smiling Ghosts now!

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Category: Teen & Young Adult; Science Fiction & Fantasy

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