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Amina Maikori is a Nigerian broadcast journalist turned multimedia specialist but has always been a writer at heart. She's written feature articles for Business Day Newspapers, guest blogged for Oklahoma City University and reviewed Wole Soyinka's The Interpreters for the now defunct NEXT newspapers. Her broadcast story, ' The System' was shortlisted, selected as one of 9 winning entries and published on Inspiration and FRCN as part of British Council's Radiophonics project with Lancaster University, UK. Another story, 'Pyeng's Staking' was published in Weekend Trust Newspapers. In May 2016, her collection of interconnected short stories, The Demystification Of Stephen was published on Amazon Kindle, Barnes &Noble, IBooks and Kobo. She's been writing from the age of 10 so getting a book published has been very exciting for her.

The Demystification of Stephen

by Amina Maikori

A chance meeting with Stephen Duru could be the opportunity Christy, the Olowokeres and one wannabe artist need to make their dreams come true. Stephen is the quintessential 21st century gentlemen: well connected, rich and charming to all he meets. It is however surprising that no one seems to know Stephen's background or who he really is. Following events that leave Christy shaken, she and her two friends set out to unveil this character- Stephen-and are shocked by what they discover. . . It turns out there's always a third side to every story and a good reason why people do the things they do.

Kindle Price: $1.99


Category: Literature & Fiction

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